Nobody (Demo)

06 Jul 2010

Author: Ricardo Joseph
Completed: 06/07/2010
Platform: Windows
Compiler: VS 2008 C++ Express Edition
Languages used: C++
API: Direct3D/DirectX 9.0
Sound: Yes
Input: Keyboard
FSM: Yes
Note: Due to the Xanimator library only being available in 32 bit DLLs, there is a delay of 50 seconds when launching the game on a 64 bit processor. Please be patient.

Brief: A 3 stage game which includes, a persistent leaderboard utilising vectors with file input/output, artificial intelligence with pathfinding algorithm, button prompts, character movement, device inputs, various management classes, projectiles, lighting and an animated skeleton. For more information see full source code (available upon request) or documentation with extracts included in the download.